Try our solution

Upload a sample of your data and start knowing your employees in ways you haven’t experienced before.

All we need to start with is the following calls’ log for a period of moth and half to provide you immediate insights on your employees:

  • Number dialed (this information can be provided scrambled for privacy purposes).
  • Agent’s name/nick name/number or extension number
  • Call’s date
  • Call’s dialing start time
  • Call’s answering time
  • Call’s ending time
  • Call’s grade:
    • For outbound contact center list of calls ended with successful transactions (whether sale, appointment setting, etc.) – number dialed, time and date
    • For inbound contact center list of calls and their quality grade – number dialed, time, date and grade.

Or just send us your logs and we will use our tools to extract the necessary information.

Write to us at [email protected]