Situation  What we do
How would you know that an agent sitting at his/her place seemingly working and issuing calls is truly working effectively?Multiple performance parameters are being used to build a work effectiveness profile for the agent
How would you know that an agent is executing his/her calls in a manner that is not harming customers’ experience (i.e. too many calls transfers, too many recalls, exaggerated long ringing durations)?Measuring the agent’s behavior and working routines allow us to identify real cases where the agent needs assistance, disregarding occasional irregularities required for specific reasons
How would an employee react to a manager picking up his/her tasks? Will it elevate his motivation or bring her down?Knowing your employee by measuring the impact of different types of managerial actions on the agent’s performance
How would you know that your “Star Employee” performance is not coming on the expense of the whole team’s performance?Measure the mutual impact of employees on one another whether its positive or negative
What would be the impact of joint recesses on employees? Will it improve or deteriorate the team’s performance?Measure the impact of joint recesses on employees’ performance as individual and as a team

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