The use of Machine Learning for Behavior Analytics purposes is an exciting concept.

Organizations are using different tools to analyze their business processes and data. When it comes to Customer Experience management, those that operate contact centers have adopted to some extend behavior analytics tools, to match customers to agents based on their attributes.

Market research companies have already identified the huge potential of behavior analytics on customer experience improvement. For example, see Forrester report “Behavioral Analytics Can Optimize Matching Contact Center Agents with Customers”.

Nevertheless, behavior analysis is still lagging behind when it comes to working patterns of agents and teams.

In order to extract the most out of your team of agents, whether in sales or service, a new perspective should be considered.

The Harvard Business Review calls the science of building great teams Human Dynamics. Human Dynamics helps teams to bring better results, and help teams’ managers do more with their employees.

As managers, we are constantly required to do more. We need to be more competitive, process more information and handle more people and situations. However, our capacity to handle tasks, to remain constantly perceptive and to be presence at all times is already stretched out. Managers has difficulties finding the proper management decision for each situation, while taking in consideration both the individuals’ and the group’s needs.

Human Dynamics offers a new paradigm for understanding both individual and collective human functioning helping managers in these situations. It provides tools and practices needed for people to understand high-performing teams, to enhance working relationships, to grow professionally, and to deliver results that involve everyone’s contribution.

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